New arrival – Natural Cotton Drawstring Backpack

Natural Cotton Drawstring Backpack – Best “Tune It Yourself ” Canvas Material!


  • 100% cotton 
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 2 BAGS – BOTH HAVE SAME PERFECT SIZE FOR MANY PURPOSES – dimensions 14″(W) * 18″(H) can handle everything from baby luggage into laptop peripherals. Why not take this high quality durable product into bicycle or motorcycle journey to separate things from each other.
  • 100% NATURAL COTTON, DURABLE, ECO-FRIENDLY CANVAS – Tune it just the way you like it – natural white color makes it possible. What a lovely moment to spend with the loved ones tune by yourself together the unique backpacks – MAKES A GREAT GIFT
  • WASHABLE – you can gently wash this backpack – material is not waterproof but dries as quickly as normal cotton product.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT fit almost everywhere – still includes lots of space – ideal pack size for hiking, travelling on wheels, school students, gym, cars, nature, cats & dogs & other animals owners or shopping bag use – save dollars and use same unisex, minimalistic stylish but still trendy bag again and again.
  • BE YOURSELF – just the way you like to be – feel free to use your imagination when you tune this item and again when using it.
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